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Fast Commission Generator Review + Demo + Huge Bonuses

Fast Commission Generator Review

Get Hot Leads At No Cost And Make Big Profits

Having a subscribers list is the only way to have true control. But having a “list” isn’t enough. The single most important thing that separates those who “make it” online and those who don’t is a constant supply of fresh leads.

Most people believe that in order to succeed online they need to have massive lists. Just send the traffic to a converting offer, and collect the cash.

The problem with having a “list” is that it quickly becomes cold, and bored from receiving offers into their inboxes. This is why successful marketers find a way to replenish their lists on a regular basis.

The Question I Get Asked Most Is – How do I Build and Replenish My List? The answer is in my Fast Commission Generator Review below today!

Fast Commission Generator Review – Overview


Creator  Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele
Product  Fast Commission Generator
Launch Date  2021-May-03
Launch Time  09:00 EST
Official website  Click here (Discount Link)
Front-End Price  $27
Refund  365 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Bonuses  Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill  All Levels
Niche  Software
Support  Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend  Highly recommend!

What Called Fast Commission Generator?


Fast Commission Generator is a unique lead generation system that utilizes human curiosity to generate a massive amount of leads and sales. It is a brand new, cloud based software tool that makes it easy to create a lead generation campaign.

It is a brilliant, simple, yet very powerful software that will create massive engagement while capturing new leads for your marketing. A great all-in-one solution. With Fast Commission Generator, you have the proven and fastest way to start making profits with list marketing

Fast Commission Generator gets you hot leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn for FREE and then transforms those leads into commissions with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

Fast Commission Generator is all you need to kick-start a successful online business and build your list on auto-pilot. You will immediately have your own lead generation systems to start building your list within a day. All of these leads will generate massive traffic to your eCommerce site, affiliate offers, or any other place you want your customers to land.

It is a brand new smart lead generation software tool that’s hosted in the cloud and makes it easier than ever to get hot verified leads with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Cloud-based software so there’s nothing to install
  • Get 1,000s hot leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn without spending a dime
  • Multiple ways to make money with no selling required
  • Built-in offers so there’s no getting ‘ghosted’ by vendors
  • Proven ‘done for you’ campaigns included
  • Put the software on autopilot and get results while you sleep

100% newbie friendly, point-n-click dashboard makes it super easy to create profit pulling campaigns. Customize from templates or start from scratch. And the best part, you don’t even need any domain or hosting. We have everything done for you.

The kind of technology and tools we are talking about here are industry level and have been available to big brands and top notch marketers only. The creators have spent months in developing and testing to get you a proven system.

Fast Commission Generator helped me move forward in leaps and bounds. It follows through with everything it promises and the tutorials are so easy to follow. If you know how important it is to build a list, this is the way to go.

So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Fast Commission Generator Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

About The Creator


Jason Fulton and his partner Seun Ogundele brought Fast Commission Generator to us.

Jason is an expert when it comes to internet marketing. He is also a well-known product creator and developer with a big profile on Warrior+plus. Jason is among the top 1% Vendor as well as the top 1 % affiliate at JVzoo.

He has the custom of sparing no expense to build market-leading products: ProfiTORIAL 2.0, Ghosted, Phizz, Scratchz, ChecKitz, Pockitz, 3 Step Profit Machines, Quick Fire Commissions, Payday Tornado, Commission Ultimatum,etc.

Discover this new deal more in my Fast Commission Generator review.

Fast Commission Generator Review – Key Features

Fast Commission Generator is 3-part system designed to get you thousands of hot leads and turn those leads into commissions.

  ♠   Lead Grabber

‘Lead Grabber’ finds emails and phone numbers in any niche from the ‘contact us’ page of any search keyword on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing.

There’s nothing complicated about this on your part – All you have to do is enter a Keyword and Hit the Search Button (which is so much easier than traditional list-building methods).

The leads you get are top-quality leads and highly-targeted, collect unlimited leads across multiple niches.

This is 100% legal because you are getting leads that the owners publicly made accessible on Google for any topic.

  ♠   Email + SMS Autoresponder

There are no monthly fees fees like most autoresponders.

There’s no risk and you can send as many emails as you want without the fear of getting your IP address blacklisted.

Deliver rates are HIGH which means more emails and messages get read, and that means you make more money.

No more getting blocked or tagged as spam.

Built-in dedicated IPS and SMTP sending servers with no monthly fees or additional purchases required – Everything (and we mean everything) you need is included.

No restrictions on lead imports; that means you don’t have to mess with double opt-ins or waiting for a list to get approve so you can start sending emails to your leads right away and get paid faster.

There are limits of any kind! Send unlimited emails and SMS messages, add unlimited leads and created unlimited lists.

The creators handle all the technical stuff and hosting for you, so you don’t need to bring any experience to the table. They made this as easy as logging in, clicking a few buttons, and getting results.

  ♠   No Selling, Newbie-Friendly Commission Generating System

There’s no selling required, so even if you’re a total newbie and just starting out, you can make money without needing to build websites, make videos, or doing any of the normal technical stuff required with most online businesses.

Fast Commission Generator Packed With Features Designed To Save You Time And Get Results Fast:

  ♠   With Complete Lists & Subscribers Management

  • Manage lists and subscribers without any technical skills needed
  • Quickly mass import subscribers from Excel or CSV and start mailing without waiting
  • Single and double opt-in are both supported depending on your preference
  • Create a custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page with a few clicks of your mouse
  • Autoresponder is built-in for subscriber welcome and goodbye emails
  • List segmentation is supported for maximizing the targeting and effectiveness of your campaigns

  ♠   Delivery Tracking And Statistics Reporting

Track details down to the individual email and get stats on opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and more so you can always know where your stand and how your campaigns are performing.

  ♠   Fully-Featured Automation

Automatically send email campaigns to your leads based on certain events like:

  • List subscription
  • List unsubscription
  • Subscriber’s birthday

You can also configure the application to automatically follow-up an email when it is opened or clicked by the lead to further automate your campaigns, save time, and increase your profits.

  ♠   Custom Tracking Domain

Custom tracking domain is an advanced delivery option often found in expensive autoresponders, this allows you to have your email links rewritten with your own brand’s domain, meaning your sender reputation is completely your own.

Although it’s not required, they have added this option for you because it greatly improves your email reputation and deliverability.

  ♠   Advanced Email Template Builder

Fast Commission Generator comes with an advanced Email Template Builder and they have also included dozens of pre-built email templates and layouts for you to use so you can save more time and jump right into the action.

  ♠   Email Verification

Email verification will ensure that your email list is clean and will improve deliverability and reduce bounces.

  ♠   Embed Subscription Form

After you create a mailing list, you can also create a custom subscription form that you can embed on any website to collect leads if you desire.

  ♠   Complete Campaign Automation

Multiple visual automation tools are included so you can have your campaigns running and getting your results even while you sleep.

  ♠   Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over 1,000 more online tools.

They have included this for more advanced users that want to integrate Fast Commission Generator with other software apps for a completely seamless experience.

  ♠   Fully Responsive

Fast Commission Generator is made fully responsive, so you can access your dashboard from any PC, Mac, or even mobile devices and tables, so you’re not stuck at your desk and you can check stats or even start new campaigns from anywhere.

  ♠   License Rights To The Offer Of Your Choice

This gives you 100% commissions on the offer of your choice. With this bonus you get a 100% commission bump on whichever product from our past launches you like the best.

This allows you to test a few different offers, and find the one that makes you the most money, then to apply to get your free license rights for this offer (normally $97 – $197 each).

  ♠   Built-In SMS And Email Autoresponder

Getting hot leads is just half of the battle, that’s why Fast Commission Generator includes a built-in email and SMS autoresponder that sends messages out to your leads so you can turn them into commissions.

  ♠   ‘Done For You’ Email Templates

Because they know it can be time-consuming and complicated to create a campaign and write emails that convert, they have included ‘done for you’ emails that are proven to transform leads into commission.

  ♠   Pre-Approved Offers So No Waiting For Approvals Or Getting Ghosted

You’ll also get access to multiple offers you can promote that don’t require you to beg for approval, or you can start making money right away.

  ♠   Step-By-Step Profit Training

Fast Cash Generator is such a powerful tool that can be used in so many ways, so they are also giving you access to step-by-step training that reveals their favorite methods for using this cloud-based software to make money.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work?

Fast Commission Generator gets you hot leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn for free and then transforms those leads into commissions with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

  • Step 1: Activate The Lead Grabber

Enter a keyword and fast commission generator searches the internet and gets us 1,000s of hot leads for free.


Step 2: Blast Your Hot Leads With The Included Sms And Email Autporesponder And ‘Done For You’ Email Templates

Built-in autoresponder saves you money when compared with other 3rd party autoresponders, has no limits, and requires no technical skills to blast your leads.


Step 3: Put Everything On Autopilot For Daily Leads And Commissions

They are including training that teaches you multiple ways to make money and as a special bonus when you get this now. They are also giving you access to pre-approved offers that convert offers that convert really well and have made us easy daily commission.


Who Should Use It?

I believe that Fast Commission Generator works perfectly for people who want to skyrocket the number of leads hands-free. If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

♥ Social Media Marketers

♥ Affiliate Marketers

♥ Local Business Owners

♥ Freelancers

♥ eCom Business Owners

♥ Entrepreneurs

♥ Newbie

And the list goes on and on.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Please Check The Funnel & Each Upgrade Details Below:

  ♥ Front End: Fast Commission Generator ($27)

The front-end version of this product is $27. You only need to pay once and that’s it! Apparently, you can see how beneficial Fast Commission Generator is for you in making online commissions!

The sooner you start with this, the sooner you can get big results! Come to think about this: you only need to pay once and you will later earn so much more than that. You are only paying much LESS for much MORE!

Be quick to grab this chance because the price will definitely increase soon. Don’t hesitate because in case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 365 days of your purchase. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also risk-free investment! You’ll thank yourself later for this!


The Upsells


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Pros And Cons


  • Very good application in order to research contact address.
  • Liked the fact of All the solutions that were offered all in one place. On the outside looking in looked like the perfect all-round software solution.
  • It is a great platform and me and the team have had some wins with it for sure. I have gained some valuable numbers from it and expanded my network with it.
  • I like how Pipedrive helps to track leads and users coming from various channels and focus on those that are the most effective. I love filters you can create and save to track campaigns.
  • It is nice to organize the documents and media needed for the business and to make them easily accessible to the rest of the team.
  • The software is extremely useful for new businesses. They have a very proactive team that loves taking suggestions and works on the same instantly.
  • The user interface is attractive and easy enough to set your business up in a very short amount of time with not a lot of effort.
  • My overall experience with Fast Commission Generator has been awesome and I recommend anyone in business especially if you are just starting out, to use this software to make things easier for you
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee


I have not discovered any cons so far.

Why Should You Choose It?

Fast Commission Generator helps it’s users grow their email lists by collecting verified emails from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This eliminates the collection of fake and unverified emails.

You’ll be able to get more hot leads that you can sell to over and over again for more money in your pocket. Fast Commission Generator will INSTANTLY boost your profit per lead on ANY lead gen campaign.

Fast Commission Generator Uses never seen before auto-lead-gen technology™ to attract subscribers and build your list. The software is “in the cloud” which means that there is no need for upgrades, installations or hosting.

BUT with the Fast Commission Generator software it is easy, quick and FREE to generate an endless amount of leads. Fast Commission Generator uses auto-lead-gen technology™ without the steep learning curve or high price tag.

This “in the cloud” platform has the latest and most up to date technology to create enticing, viral lead generators that will catapult your earnings today.

Just Imagine How Easy It Will Be To Start Earning Commissions.

  • Build a targeted subscribers’ list:With no additional work Fast Commission Generator literally builds the list for you. Just decide on which auto-lead-gen tools to use and watch as the leads get added with virtually no work.
  • Constantly replenished list: This is the main difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.
  • Sell more products:Leads mean sales…the leads you’ll receive with Fast Commission Generator are eager and targeted – the best kind to start earning straight away.
  • Collect 1-Click verified email leads from Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Linkedin and Yahoo.
  • Connects & Syncs leads with major email marketing tools… GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp, Zapier/Webhook and more…
  • Quickly grow your email list without any tedious coding or technical skills needed
  • The leads you get are top-quality and 100% verified email addresses which means more opens, clicks, and sales
  • Works perfectly in any language and country

You’ve already seen top marketers raving about this powerful technology and the kind of results they are getting. Now you can get results for yourself without having to:

  • Install complicated codes
  • Pay for design
  • Worry about traffic, leads or sales, ever again
  • Build Websites
  • Spend hours on Social media marketing
  • Make Videos
  • Pay for content marketing

Once you purchase, you’ll have the amazing Fast Commission Generator software “in the cloud” – yours to keep forever. This is a ‘one click’ SAAS software which makes it 100% newbie friendly.

You don’t need any special skills or experience to create a lead generation campaign with Fast Commission Generator. In fact, you’ll be able to get a new lead campaign up and running in just 60 seconds.

Here is why you should purchase Fast Commission Generator today:

  • Gain the first mover’s advantage – at some stage this system will be used by other people, and those who have already established themselves will be the ones that will make the most amount of money.
  • You can send emails directly from the platform! This gives you an edge on your communication efforts and helps you trigger alerts, get notifications and manage a large volume of clients – often simultaneously.
  • The interface is very easy to use and there is no steep learning curve necessary for one to get accustomed to the platform. This also encompasses of how easy it is to navigate through the platform.
  • Fast Commission Generator can seamlessly integrate with many third party service providers. We have had no problems integrating Fast Commission Generator with MailChimp, Slack, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Fast Commission Generator will never let your leads go stale. Leads that need following up with will be highlighted based on the criteria designed by the user. Intuitive icons beside each lead can give you a detailed picture as to what stage of your business process the lead is on and what required action needs to be taken.
  • Fast Commission Generator makes it super easy to enter leads and move them through various stages of your business process.
  • Inter-departmental communication is a breeze. I’ve noticed a strong synergy between our sales and marketing department after implementing Fast Commission Generator in our organization. It’s very convenient to identify high potential leads and Fast Commission Generator eliminates the need of trying to give the next department a detailed back-story about leads during a hand-off. This saves a LOT of time.
  • Dashboards can help you evaluate and track project progress at a glance.
  • The sooner you start using the system the more money you will be earning, so why wait?
  • The price goes up, so the longer you leave it the more you will end up paying.
  • The 400 Auto-lead-gen Technology™ Templates will be removed soon – why take the chance?
  • The bonuses are for a limited time only, so if you don’t take action now you will not be able to download them later on.
  • Be one of the first ones to use this amazing system to it’s full potential.

Just take a look at the comments below and it will show you how great this product is:


You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Fast Commission Generator Review):


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a monthly fee?
    When you get this now, you get everything for a low, one-time payment.
  • How is this different from other lead generation software tools?
    It’s so much more than that. This is a complete money-making systemthat gives you everything you need to get FREE leads and make commissions daily.
  • Do I need any technical skills?
    No, Fast Commission Generatoris newbie-friendly, easy-to-use, and training is included.
  • Do I need to buy any other training or software?
    Everything you needto get today for a low, one-time payment.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    Of course. You geta full year to make sure Fast Commission Generator is for you. If you don’t love it, just let them know within 365 days and they’ll send you a refund.


That’s all what I want to share with you about Fast Commission Generator. I hope that my review can give you a helping hand in deciding what is best for you.

Thank you for following my review and wish you all the best. Goodbye.

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You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

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  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at sally.kiwireviewz@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

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